Breast Cancer

Finding out you have breast cancer can be very frightening and overwhelming for you, your family and friends. Becoming informed can help to take away some of your fear and assist you in your decision-making.

BC Ask salutes the courage of the thousands of women who are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. The black lining honours the memory of the thousands of women who have died. The teardrop shape represents the tears shed at the time of diagnosis.

BC Ask has Newly Diagnosed Kit that includes materials to help you to understand your diagnosis, help you cope, and guide you to support resources and services. In order to meet the different information needs of persons diagnosed with breast cancer a variety of resources have been included. We suggest taking your time reading these resources.

Breast Cancer Action Saskatchewan is pleased to provide this kit for you. Kits are available free of charge throughout the province. If your health care professional cannot supply you with one please contact our Resource Centre and we will send your kit directly to you.

If you would like to speak to a breast cancer survivor please contact our Resource Centre and we will be more than happy to link you with someone who has taken the cancer journey.