Does Cannabis Help With Pain?

Are you experiencing pain in your muscle? And you are realizing that pain balms don’t exactly work to reduce it? Ever wondered if something as absurd as using cannabis oil? Well you are in luck as manufacturers of a new ointment infused with cannabidiol which is taken from marijuana are claiming it to be a successful pain reliever. With a news report from National Academics of Science, Engineering and Medicine having already proven that cannabis oil for cancer treatment can reduce pain; this claim might very well be true.

But there is a huge difference between cannabis plant and its individual chemicals. And that creates a difference in taking cannabis and its chemicals individually. So what exactly does this ointment do, you ask? Well, let’s find out how cannabis oil for cancer treatments work.

Cannabis Oil for cancer treatment

This new ointment is produced by infusing cannabis flowers of high quality in oil, usually coconut oil or olive oil. This helps to extract compounds such as CBD (cannabinoid) or THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), depending on the type of the hemp seed used in the process. Therapeutic herbs known for their pain reliever effects like arnica, lemon grass essential oils etc. are later blended along with the extracted cannabis oil.

You might have noticed most, or almost all the ingredients are natural and no chemicals have been added in the process given above. Also, the cream is formulated to be topical, which means it will be absorbed into the top layer of the skin unlike some creams which pass right through the skin to mix into the bloodstream (transdermal). This means that the ointment will not get you high, and it’s all safe due to the natural ingredients.

The bummer in all this is that there is no scientific evidence which says that cannabis has any more pain relieving properties than other known creams like Tiger Balm etc. There are people who have tried this CBD- infused oil and still visit doctors to cure their pain.

Cannabis Oil for cancer treatment

One way the cannabis oil for cancer treatments could actually relieve pain is by increasing the levels of endocannabis in our body. Another way it does that is by limiting the release of proinflammatory signals, thereby reducing pain. The final way this could work is because CBD hyper activates a type of receptors that soothe the pain receptors in your body.

After all this, you might want to try it at least once. But of course, you have to remember none of this information is scientifically proven or has scientific evidence. The pain relief you feel could just be the placebo effect taking place – you feel better because you believe it will make you feel better.

There is not much risk in trying the cannabis oil for pain, but always remember that there aren’t any scientific facts behind its powers to reduce pain. And always make sure to look up whether your state has legalized both CBD and THC. If yes, then try getting cannabis oil for pain which has the ration 1:1 for CBD to THC.

Marijuana Benefits for Diabetes

If you buy Simpson oil has been used for medicinal purpose for thousands of years. However, people also use marijuana as a recreational drug. Studies have shown that marijuana has some medical properties which can prove to be beneficial for the treatment of diabetes and also various other health conditions.

Marijuana is known to be the most commonly used drug in this world. This blog will talk about the medicinal properties of marijuana and how it is going to be useful for the patients of diabetes. It explores the potential side effects of using marijuana for the people who suffer from diabetes.

Diabetes is a term which is used for a group of people who have high blood sugar level for the prolonged period of time. There is evidence which states that if you buy Simpson oil, it can treat and prevent cancer.

buy simpson oil


Diabetes is associated with high levels of insulin resistance and fasting insulin. It also means a lower level of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol.  Studies have shown that using marijuana a person had 16% lower fasting insulin level in comparison to people who had never used cannabis. Moreover, they also had 17% higher level of HDL-C and lower level of insulin resistance.  However, the people who had used cannabis in their life but did not use it currently also showed less pronounced but same type of association. This showed that the protective impact of the marijuana will fade with time.

Lower Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance is known to be a condition that can cause a cell to truncate the normal functioning of insulin. This is a hormone that the pancreas produces and is important for the regulation of glucose metabolism. IR is known to be related to type2 diabetes when the body is not able to produce insulin. However, in type 2, the insulin produced but the body is unable to use it. When the cells turn out to be insulin resistant, it fails to absorb the glucose which is required for supplying them with energy. The use of glucose in the blood causes hyperglycemia.

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Helps in the Prevention of Obesity

Obesity or BMI is related to diabetes risk. Studies have shown that there is a relationship between BMI and buying Simpson oil. Even though the complex relationship between the cannabinoid, diabetes, and obesity has still not been established, there is a certain risk involved. A study with obese rats showed that after the consumption of Simpson oil, they lost significant weight and increase in the weight of the pancreas. The increase in the weight of the pancreas showed that the beta cells are protected by marijuana in diabetes type 1. The beta cells get destroyed by the autoimmune response. This offers protection and helps in controlling the disease.

When you buy Simpson oil and consume it, it can lower the blood sugar level. It will also reduce A1c with the passage of time. Scientific evidence has stated that marijuana has helped to improve insulin resistance. This can be beneficial for people who have type2 diabetes and not type1 diabetes. However, it is for sure that marijuana will help you to feel better and more relaxed.

Fighting Cancer with THC Oil for Cancer

One of the deadly diseases that are taking the lives of millions of people is Cancer. Doctors are doing various kinds of researches in order to find suitable cure for cancer. Well, one of the popular cancer treatment options is through chemotherapy and radiation. Since this treatment is very expensive, alternative options are always being researched. One such effective natural way for treating cancer is to use THC oil for cancer. Well, THC oil is nothing but cannabis oil that contains a high amount of cannabinoids (CBD) and lower amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in it.

Getting to Know about Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil is seen to be an effective cure for cancer. The oil is usually obtained from the cannabis plant known as Cannabis Sativa. The oil is a thick volatile liquid that is known for providing numerous health benefits.

The THC oil for cancer is obtained by separating the resins from the cannabis flowers and leaves through the process of solvent extraction. It has been found out that the extracts are mixed with the oil that readily absorbs some medicinal compounds within it. The cannabinoid compounds that are found within the plant and in the oil have the capability to get rid of the tumors by shrinking them.

thc oil for cancer

What Studies Show?

Studies have shown that cannabidiol and other similar chemicals like cannabinoids have shown to provide support for chemotherapy related pains and other symptoms associated with cancer like vomiting, inflammation, etc. It has been seen that cannabinoids a uniquely target and kill the cancer cells. In fact, sometimes it has been also found out that there stands a great chance of recovery when a patient is treated with THC oil for cancer.

How The Oil Works In Curing Cancer?

Well, the cannabis oil contains a high level of cannabinoids. It is one of the important chemicals which aids in the binding of the cannabinoid receptors which are present in the human body. It instructs the immune system and the CNS to fight against cancer.

The sphingolipids manages the life and death of the cells. Death of a cell occurs when ceramide remains high; whereas it continues to grow if the ceramide level remains low. The cannabinoids that is present in the Cannabis oil for cancer treatment works on the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). The cannabinoids when gets activated helps in fighting against the disease. When the cannbinoids activates the CB receptors, it creates condition known as ‘apoptosis’ that leads to the death of the cancer cells.  It even restricts the growth of tumors.oil for cancer treatment

THC helps in increasing the ceramide synthesis when it gets connected with the cancer receptor cells. Thus, it reduces the potential of the mitochondria to produce energy for the cancer cells. Whenever, the cancer cells do not get the required amount of energy it dies.

Basically, the ceramide causes a re-toxic stress on the nucleus of the cancer cells. It produces a protein p53 that mainly disturbs the calcium metabolism of the mitochondria. Thus, it stops all chances of survival of the cancer cells and causes its death.

If your loved one is suffering from cancer, you can recommend them to make use of THC oil for cancer. The oil can help in fighting against all kinds of cancer and other related health conditions easily.